MindBehind Academy

Welcome to the Academy homepage!
While Digital Assistants accompany us in many areas, it is not easy to reach reliable sources about them. For those who want to be in the world of Digital Assistant or who say they are already in this field, the expected moment has come!

We have established MindBehind Academy in order to share with you the experiences we have accumulated since the beginning of our journey and to be with you throughout the process in this field. Under the umbrella of MindBehind Academy, there will be articles that you will learn by reading with pleasure, courses carefully prepared by dialogue designers and different experts and whose content we trust very much, and many resources that will not leave you alone on this path.

As MindBehind Academy, our first content we have prepared for you, 'MindBehind Glossary', is a constantly updated dictionary that covers all the words you may encounter in various levels and fields about digital assistants. 'MindBehind Glossary', prepared by our expert team, will be one of the biggest assistants in digital assistants.

The original resource of MindBehind Academy is just the face of it, stay tuned for our events and innovations that will constantly surprise you!